His case will be linked to its former Minister of Interior, Habib to the Adli. The judge interrupted the live broadcast of the session. Mubarak and his sons are accused of planning attacks against protesters during the revolution of January 25. Former Egyptian President appeared lying on a stretcher. The Egyptian authorities have deployed at least 5,000 policemen to maintain security in the vicinity of the courthouse. The trial of the former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, will resume on September 5, and his case will be linked with the of the former Minister of the Interior, Habib to the Adli, as he called for the prosecution. The judge, Ahmed Refat, expressed at the end of the meeting, the second of this historic judgment, its decision of joining the two cases and to interrupt the live broadcast of upcoming hearings to protect the public interest. Possible death sentence the trial against Mubarak resumed Monday in Cairo between large security measures, once in the first session he declared not guilty of all the accusations which he is accused.

In this trial without precedent in the Arab world, the sons of Mubarak, Alaa and Gamal, who at the previous hearing last August 3, also denied all accusations were also present. They are accused by corruption and planning attacks against protesters during the revolution of January 25, and they could face the death penalty if they are found guilty. They also weigh on them charges of corruption and abuse of power. The second session of the trial began with Mubarak lying on a stretcher, with his eyes closed, while the judge reviewed the evidence of the prosecution. His sons have also appeared before the Court and remained standing in the celda-jaula of the accused trying to conceal his father to those present in the room. The main lawyer of Mubarak and his sons, Farid el Din, made a series of demands that include ask Egyptian ambulances Department submit lists of names and number of casualties moved to hospitals in all provinces between 25 and 31 January.