Breast cancer is one of malignant tumors with more incidence among women worldwide and the higher mortality rate. It consists of an abnormal growth of cells that form the chest or breast of the woman. The cure of breast cancer depends on its virulence. Of the female breast produce much kind of tumors, although not all are malignant. Most benign tumors are related to genetic factors.

They can cause swelling or pain, but they do not invade other organs. Malignant tumors are depending on where the breast where locate the abnormal growth and its degree of invasion. According to this, there are two main types of breast cancer: ductal Carcinoma.: it is the most common and occurs in the cells of the ducts that lead the milk toward the nipple. b. lobular carcinoma: starts in the lobes or lobules. Few times the cancer originates in other areas of the breast. And depending on your degree of invasion have: a.

Carcinoma in situ, if remains inside the duct or lobe. b. carcinoma infiltrate or invasive, whether it has spread to other tissues. Then knowing this would have the following classification: 1. ductal Carcinoma in situ: also called intraductal carcinoma. It originates in the walls of the ducts. It is the most common among the invaders. The chances of healing are very high, through extirpation, for example. If it does not heal in time, it can be invasive. 2 Invasive ductal carcinoma or invasive: originates in the lactiferous duct, crossing it and passing to other breast tissue, and can invade other organs in the body. It is the most common breast cancer type. 3. Lobular carcinoma in situ: originates in the lobes or lobules of the breast without going to invade it. Although it is not very dangerous, when it is detected, the woman has to testing of forecast during the year will not develop. 4. Lobular carcinoma infiltrating or invasive: originates in the mammary glands, but can expand and destroy other organs in the body. Its detection by mammography is very difficult. 5 Carcinoma inflammatory: is very rare. It is aggressive and growing rapidly. The symptoms that appear are reddening of the skin of the breast and your temperature rise. The cancer cells block the lymph vessels.