Travel and experience different parts of the world is one of the most enjoyable experiences of life, as the chance to spend a relaxing break in a holiday season to enjoy the pleasant sensation of being in a wonderful place will undoubtedly be very rewarding, but even more if the place we visit is one of those major cities in the world where the culture, architecture and a cosmopolitan society will make the stay in this city is unique. A clear example is the Spanish city Madrid, site where you can see the most spectacular locations all with spectacular architecture, combined with a high technological content which provides a perfect image to the whole city, so who Madrid visit immediately charmed by its atmosphere and its conformation. To complement how great the city of Madrid offers its visitors, the city has a lot of hotels that allow people to have perfect places to spend relaxing moments with all the comforts and amenities to enjoy heart of the city. Thus in Madrid there is a lot of hotels that are suited to the tastes, requirements and needs of any person, it all depends on what you are looking for and what best suits the conditions of each person. As you can understand Madrid is a city of great hotel service, however if it is in search of the best and offers the best conditions, you should ideally know a bit more detailed information from some of the best hotels in Madrid and accompanying features. One of the most important points when choosing a hotel in Madrid, is the location because the city is very large, so it is best to be as close as possible to visit the main points, so if we choose Hotels in Madrid in response to the location, the ideal would choose those located at or near the high road, which is undoubtedly a strategic location because it allowed near the Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Plaza of Spain that are where the main centers are located cultural, shopping and entertainment in Madrid, which will always be close to all sites that were visited in their stay in Madrid, making the body much more profitable to take a few steps away the main attractions of the city. Some of the major hotels in Madrid, it is worth noting the hotel Vincci Via 66, which was recently remodeled with the idea to take the lead in terms of facilities for visitors, thus counting all the comforts and services to address the best way for the guests, another of the excellent hotels in Madrid Vincci Capitol, also modernized its interior offering visitors perfect condition, according to criteria of architectural and technological advances, and excellent service service, which is added to the conservation of a foreign image recalls historic times which gives a very beautiful image.