The use of social bookmarking is widely used today, as a strategy for generation of traffic to our web site or blog. This strategy is based, basically, store, sort, and share web sites (directories), online. The technique consists of a group of people with similar interests to mark your favorite pages, applying some descriptive labels, to be able to remember every one of their marked Favorites; But unlike what it is made locally, by marking Favorites in our computers, this is done online, which allows us to be able to access them in any place in which we find ourselves and from any computer. Through this system, some web sites will be located in top of popularity, in accordance with the acceptance of people, reflected on the visits made to them. These web sites, will therefore have a higher value.

There are currently many websites that act as social markers. So many that it would take long time submit a site website or blog to all them. Why we must focus our attention on those sites that we believe can optimize our web site or blog and give you presence on the internet. One of them that I use is, which allows you to place links in our articles and content you want to position as important. Digg called stories (stories, in English). It is as well as an editor is not required, but that readers accessed (digg) content that they like.

A greater number of diggs, as people diggen (digg do) in a story, the ranking of our website or blog will grow. The article or story that gets higher ranking, will be placed on the main page so that everyone can read it. There are many other free services that help to discover and share similar interests and nature websites. Most of them work in a similar way; However, you can choose those who fulfil features to your liking.