Lost the candidate supported by the United States, which had never happened in the history of the OAS. The power of the indigenous movements throughout Latin America, especially in Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Central America. Indigenous peoples of the continent have been the most oppressed actors in the population.But now we have an indigenous President in Bolivia, representing a genuine social revolution. The strength of these movements in the Andean region and in Mayan areas of Mexico and Central America has been an important factor. The Governments of right, allies of Washington, which play an active role in the region and occupy a strategic position: are those of alvaro Uribe in Colombia, Alan Garcia in Peru and Felipe Calderon in Mexico. We find alleged Governments on left’ that support the national or regional bourgeoisie in their projects: Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Cristina Fernandez Kirchner’s Government, favors to big capital, Trudges with some social assistance measures.

Some of these Governments are trying to improve its relations with Washington, with the establishment of free trade agreements with United States. Chile signed one and Lula in Brazil, also seeks an agreement with Washington around a series of political affairs. Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, confronted with the active opposition of important sectors of the local capitalist class and Washington. The large popular mobilizations are a decisive factor in the existence and survival of popular Governments. There will be some reaction forces on the right? No doubt we will have them.

In Latin America see the blows of States attempt, on April 12, 2002, coup d ‘ etat to overthrow Hugo Chavez. The recent attempted assassination of President Chavez in Zulia, in which the gunman managed to escape to Colombia, as well as the participation of Chilean military in meetings of the Bolivian conspirators, demonstrates this scenario. When the leftist movements reach the Government does not have the power, a left-wing party comes to the Government, but not to power, because the economic power is in the hands of the capitalist class (financial, industrial groups, groupings of banks, media, communication, trade, etc.).