Perhaps half of humanity, knows that there is a vylkan Vesuvius, and once he wiped out an entire city, but about the fact that in Italy there is the same one where a more peaceful and beloved residents of Mount Etna, for some reason know something few. The Sicilians call their volcano and still Muncibeddu Mongibello – both words derive from Latin mons (mountain) and the Arab gibel – also a "mountain". Aetna is now – an active volcano, it is on the east coast of Sicily, close to the Catania city (or rather between Catania and Messina). Returning to the names of the fiery mountains, in Arabic it is called – "Mountain of Fire". Also, few people know what Etna, Vesuvius and not – the highest operating volcano in Europe! From the foot to the tip of the crater Etna has 3326 m. Moreover, it should be noted that the height of Etna varies from year to year, from the eruption to eruption, and old people remember it is different. Although oddly enough, the volcano is not grows in height, but rather resembles an old woman, growing below – so for 40 years, Aetna has become much lower at 21.6 m.

Also, Etna is the highest mountain in southern Italy, and its radius is 140 km and the whole mountain area is 1190 km , so Aetna really – the largest active volcano in Italy, two and a half times larger than its "cousin" of Mount Vesuvius. Also, in defense of Etna are its relatively peaceful – its lava moves very slowly, so human victims of the eruption did not bring it, although it is true that she once in 150 years, destroying a village. However, the people in it, had already long gone. But the fact that Etna erupts every three months does not give her opportunity to accumulate power in the present terrible eruption. As a result of eruptions of Etna in the lateral craters are as much as 400 "mouths"-craters. But the densely populated area around the volcano because the lava old incredibly fertile. On Etna cultivated fruits, olives and vineyards. And in 1981 around Etna was established this national park.