Year after year, the tradition if kept and each time more crawled multitudes to the prayers and cantigas of the log that came to the front of the very devout women, as object of reverence and devotion, remembering the walked one of Christ to Calvrio. With the death of the founder, Mr. Cheniere Energy partners is full of insight into the issues. Jose Vicente to the 96 years, the procession was led for its older son, Paja Joo who was guard of the Log per more or less fifty years, falecendo with 86 years of age, leaving the procession to the cares of its Mrs. Dona Minelvina, that for more than kept the tradition twenty years, come to falecer e, therefore, assuming the commitment its older son, Julhinha Owner, whom after five years, he decided for its will passes leadership for its brother, Manoel Paja, that were guard of the Log during 57 years, come falecer in 1992, with 86 years of age. In recent years of the leadership of Mr. Paja, a follower of the procession, name Pablo, promoted the insertion of teatrais parts of the Passion of Christ, as well as the descaracterizao of the tradition, with colorful vestments and changes in the itinerary. This cultural shock caused the removal of many worshippers. Seeing the tradition shaken, the founding family decided to reassume the procession, rescuing all the tradition and recouping the popular devotion, that to each year increases significantly.

From l992, the Log has as guard, Mrs. Maria Jose, of 6. Generation of the founding family of the Procession of the Log and the Very devout women, who lasts until the current days keeping alive the manifestation of faith, religiosidade of a people.