Adds us Ana Martinez, Venezuelan SMEs face big difficulties in export, basically by low production capacity and little collaboration of the State in this activity, especially by the tax rates, inadequate resources, poor managerial marketing strategies into other foreign markets and shortage of trained personnel to assume the strategic role.Another variable is that the opening up of international markets may be companies expensive and they need to recognize and take innovation in the management of markets, since it includes change in product, technological change and change in the same market. It is clear then, that in SMEs is given great deficiency in the management of market research, much of it because of lack of economic resources, preparation in the introduction of new products and satisfaction on needs that consumers demand. Definitely brings Martinez must take into account other aspects in the analysis of this problem on the applicability of market research hows is: the following aspects can be added since then to the above: * the existence of the predominance of the commercial approach and the obtaining of short-term gains, paying little attention to strategic planning based on targets markets departments organizacionales.*Ausenciabut rather identification with the sales function, ignoring modern scopes that management of the market demand in order to be competitivos.*Poca attention to the levels of quality and standards of national and international quality to serve as model for compliance with requirements of actual and potential customers. * Little integration national supply chain. * Little adaptation measures for tax taxation of Government and economic measures, as the currency devaluation and inflation.

* Little involvement with the technological, economic and political changes of the environment. * Weaknesses in the measurement of satisfaction of internal and external customers. * Source: Marketing: virtual classroom postgraduate, specialty quality and productivity management programme. Faces. UC.