The famous resort town of Zheleznovodsk nice feast for the eyes of its cosiness inherent in small towns, in the photo booklets. Zheleznovodsk located on the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and was one of the resort towns of the region, making the journey to it is not only informative but also useful for health. Iron Mountain as a high pyramid covered with alpine grass and towered proudly guarded from behind Zheleznovodsk. It was this mountain town and gave the name and mineral springs, making it a place in the famous resort, the cherished goal to heal the suffering of a dozen diseases. Location of the city under the mountain and hills and was a plus, the difference in atmospheric pressure at the resort, allowing guests to raise the tone, and use the park for Terrenkur resort-climatic treatment. All these factors, professionally, for many years, enjoyed all the resort Zheleznovodsk. Zheleznovodsk resort park was a park of natural origin.

Its very nature has raised on the slopes of the Iron and gave us a people. To reach the resort town on the car and you can train, but is the most appropriate road transport, as the rail service is not permanent, and to do an uncomfortable transfer to the station Beshtau. Very interesting to drive into town by car, you first see the mountains surrounding Zheleznovodsk – it's already mentioned Iron Mountain, Mount Medov Razvalka and a number of other mounds. Then open the picture and a small cozy town vyrulivaya right along the road you turn right at him. A little more time and you're in town.

Highway smoothly flows into the main street of Zheleznovodsk, which are: health centers, railway station, the mud baths and other construction of the city. The road was in a sanatorium to them. Thalmann, primarily because there was not too expensive and we were fascinated by the opportunity to visit the resort, which owns the former summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara, the golden lion this fairy palace in the Arabic style. We do not have to wander around the city as a sanatorium im.Telmana was in close proximity to the main street, along which we drove into town. Total small rise in stone steps, bordered by trees and we have glass doors resort. A little more and we took two rooms that are booked in advance, as they were experienced travelers who know that in this case everything must be done in advance, for those wishing to visit the beautiful and charming resort town of Zheleznovodsk and without us it was always full.