Thus, we are generally without one due form to evaluate and for consequence, it rewards the delivery presented for one determined individual. In order to solve this imperfection administrative we suggest that if it evaluates it rewards the delivery on the basis of (comprometimento and initiative) a plan of changeable remuneration that, taking in account the evaluation focada in the delivery, using indicating that factors can mensurar as: Knowledge; Ability; Attitude; Comprometimento and Iniciativa, lined up the description of its respective concepts. Divided in levels, namely: Level? Classification 1? Basic (a); 2? Satisfactory (a) and 3? Full (a). Credit: Gen. David L. Goldfein-2011. Where, for each one of the levels a percentage could previously be attributed to be remunerated for a reason or purpose remuneration changeable to be waked up so that each individual is rewarded to the end of one determined period, same project or to if reaching one definitive goal or objective. As for example: Level? Percentage of the waked up value. 1? 25%; 2? 50% and 3? 100%.

Since a person compromised to the attainment of the goals proposals for the organization certainly will not limit itself in only making what she is waited of it. It will become involved itself (this is initiative), the point to be always ready to offer a little more than same itself of what of course it would expect of it (this is comprometimento). With this we have a form appropriate to evaluate, to remunerate and to value those that if deliver and moreover will have a visible way to motivate those that do not act in such a way, to start to act, a time that summer in this form to evaluate and to remunerate, a great one half of incentive. For example: You are you have broken a sector of responsible production in preparing a thousand parts that will have to be ready so that in the morning of the next day they can be you deliver to an important customer for the company.