Today, ten years later, still if can find displayed lands for sale, or that they had been surrounded by its respective owners. This description brought many implications for the environment, due to degradation committed on the part of some inhabitants associated to the absence of indispensable public services. In the locality, the garbage collection is irregular and assistemtica, making by that many people burn or deposit the domiciliary garbage in such a way to the edges of the roads, in strips of land or the band of Atlantic bush that if extends throughout the land division; the forest fires in the bush also are constant. The population also burns some areas of the forest ownership land attainment, during the day and at night. Unhappyly, ' ' it is common I smell to feel it of smoke and to see the flash and flares of fire in mata' ' , as they had affirmed some parents of the pupils in the answered questionnaires. The clandestine deforestation happens current in this area, being evidenced by the tracks that (and they are) had been opened, causing the destruction of the native vegetation (cajueiros, roseiras, ips, amongst as much other trees), the death or migration of wild birds (garas, kiss-flowers, owls) and consequently, the impoverishment of the ground (loss of nutrients). It does not have a fiscalization of the competent agencies how much to these ambient crimes. The system of draining in the place is also inexistent, the streets not they are paved.

In the rainy period, a risk becomes to pass through for the land division, therefore the waters if accumulate in definitive stretches becoming them impassable. Another one aggravation is the pasture of the cattle in the immediacy of the residences, danger for the pedestrians, especially for the children. The problematic studies on decurrent in the Land division the Green Dream had left initially of a survey of the previous knowledge of the pupils of Level II in the Wheel of colloquy, when the teacher asked for so that they spoke regarding the quarter where they liveed, of what more they liked, on what would need to be improved.