The second victory of Maom on the coraixitas convinced the nomadic tribes of whom the Prophet was the man of the future, and made that the coraixitas seemed obsolete. They had started to occur defections in Measures, in order to undertake hgira for Medina. Later five year of fights, Maom it could be safe from that ummah would survive. In Medina, the main losses of this Muslim success had been the three Jewish tribes: qaynuqah, to nadir and qurayzah, that they were determined to destroy Maom and that, independent one of the others, had formed alliances with Measure. After the battle of the Irrigation ditch, when Maom humiliated Measures and silenced the opposition in Medina, it felt that it was hour to abandon jihad and to start an offensive one for the peace. In March of 628, haji decided to undertake one for Measures. As travelling they were forbidden To carry weapons, the Muslen would be at the mercy of of the hostile and resented coraixitas. However, about a thousand Muslen if they had joined to the prophet having dressed the traditional white tnicas of haji.

coraixitas had sent troops to intercept the caravan of Maom before these arrived at the region are of the city where the violence were forbidden, but the prophet burlou them with the aid of some allies Bedouins, obtaining to arrive until the limits of the sanctuary, having camped in Hudaybiyyah and waited the events. Finally the coraixitas, pressured for this pacific demonstration, had signed one treat one to peace with ummah. In 630, the coraixitas had broken the treat one and one donates allies tribal d Maom marched for Measures more than with an army of ten a thousand men. Ahead of this smashing force, the coraixitas had admitted the defeat, they had opened the gates of the city, and Maom took Measures without spilling an only drop of blood.