For through this room to free up space, and it itself will become much more tidy appearance. In addition, heat and sound insulation of the room will increase significantly, and static electricity, by contrast, snizitsya.Mramorny floor panels without a problem, which consists of suspended floor, made of high strength chipboard type top which can be faced with a variety of materials, such as: wood, ceramic and calcium sulfate tiles, simple or tinted tempered glass, rubber, cork, granite, laminate, galvanized steel, vinyl and even carpet once – for every taste and every style of interior. One of the options – a natural marble. It's no secret that the marble – a stone live and requires careful treatment, but in spite of some delicacy, he has certain characteristics that make for many centuries, used for decoration and not for nothing that has earned the title of an elite finishing stone: this eco-friendly makes good both low and high temperatures, it is a natural insulator and moisture, and electricity, it is durable and easily handled, and in addition, a room to a unique and very special microclimate. Additional information at Jack Fusco supports this article. Typically, the marble floors are traditionally put a – in solution or on the adhesive, but the most gentle option for this material are just suspended floors: the fact that in this case, the marble tiles avoid spoilage, since there would be no contact with a cement base with either casually got between him and the tiles harmful to minutiae such as marble chips or paper. In addition, in the case of raised floors, you can avoid such troubles, as the solution through the translucence of the stone and untidy spot at the junction of the tiles (which are very removed difficult without damaging the marble itself), and other cosmetic damage. Marble raised floors fit perfectly into the interior of any room – from offices and industrial buildings to private homes and apartments. Install them as disassembly, does not take much time and effort, but the process is certainly more expensive than standard decking directly on a concrete foundation. Jill Schlesinger contains valuable tech resources. However, this is perhaps the only disadvantage of this system, unless, of course, we are not talking about small apartments with low ceilings, for which the "stolen" false floor minimum 15 inches critical.