Versatile jacket. Sport style jacket was specifically designed for men who wear them while watching sporting events. Since then, the jackets were the subject of clothing for all occasions: they are comfortable and go to work, to visit the bar after work. If your a limited budget, look for a jacket from a sufficiently durable fabric so that it will serve you for many years, but at the same time light enough that you could put it in any weather, but the hottest. It should not be seasonal jacket – elegant tweed jacket in a cage – just what you need. The jacket should be in the official measure, so that you could put it to work, but also quite commonplace to combine it with jeans and with a sports jacket with short sleeves. Take note: Some manufacturers offer a service "clothing is made to order", which you can get a jacket, sewn especially for you. This, of course, will cost more than simply buy ready-made jacket, but it is an ideal solution for those who find it difficult to select things on the figure.

Sweater with V-neckline. Cashmere or wool sweater will be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. If you wear it Over the shirt and tie, will look quite elegant and formal. If you wear it over shirts and jeans, it would look quite ordinary, but if you wear it with pajama pants Sunday morning, it will be very even sexy! Several fitted shirts.